The Protection Mechanism for Journalists in Colombia (V.Spanish)

Welcome to the Wiki about the Protection Mechanism for Journalists in Colombia and also in Mexico (J-Pro Wiki). This information resource offers donors, policymakers and activists worldwide an in-depth explanation and critical assessment of the official public policy undertaken by the Colombian and the Mexican government to protect at-risk journalists. The J-Pro Wiki, which is an ongoing effort and is constantly updated, comprises the following parts:

The Protection Mechanism for Journalists in Mexico

The J-Pro Wiki is developed by the Colombian Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) with the support of the Program on Independent Journalism of the Open Society Foundations (OSF PIJ). The original version of this Wiki was developed by Pedro Vaca, FLIP's executive director; Jonathan Bock, FLIP's protection coordinator, and Carlos Cortés, former director of FLIP and consultant to the OSF PIJ.

FLIP is a non-governmental organization that monitors attacks on press freedom in Colombia. It also develops activities to protect journalists and media, and promotes freedom of expression and access to information. FLIP has served as the civil society watchdog for the Colombian protection program since its creation in 2000.

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